Technology Transactions, Cloud Computing, Software, and Outsourcing Agreements 

At Maeder Law Office, we represent suppliers, customer end-users, and developers in connection with their IT and software agreements, including IT outsourcing,  software as a service (SaaS), cloud services agreements, and software license agreements. These types of contracts involve issues that are unique and require in-depth understanding of technology agreements. Attorney Maeder’s prior IT industry experience as a computer analyst for a major computer company and national account executive for a leading multinational IT solutions and services vendor provides her with industry insight and perspective on IT=related and software agreements. She applies her IT industry experience and knowledge to help clients structure, draft, review, and negotiate IT and software agreements.

Attorney Maeder is experienced working across all levels and departments of organizations, including IT, sales, finance, marketing, and with executives and other business leaders to develop creative legal solutions that further business objectives. At Maeder Law Office, we work in a collaborative manner with clients, explaining the practical and legal implications of contractual terms, and developing customized strategies that serve the needs of each client.

Outsourcing Agreements

We assist clients with drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts for IT outsourcing services. Attorney Maeder is an experienced IT attorney and applies her extensive experience working with businesses regarding IT outsourcing from both the supply and procurement side. Her IT industry experience enables her to deliver practical and insightful legal solutions that further her client’s business objectives.

Cloud Services and SaaS Agreements

Cloud computing  and SaaS software-as-a-service agreements present unique legal issues regarding privacy and control of data, among other issues. In order to appropriately address legal issues involved in cloud software agreements, it is essential to understand where a client’s data lives, how it is processed, and how the data is shared.  A software attorney understands software-related legal issues. Attorney Maeder’s prior work experience as a computer analyst specializing as a database architect creating end-to-end database solutions for customers, enable her to quickly understand her clients’ data collection, use, and sharing practices and identify and appropriately address the legal issues involved.

Software Development and Licensing Agreements

Maeder Law Office’s software attorney(s) represents licensors and licensees in regards to development, negotiation, and review of software licensing agreements. A software licensing agreement should fit the practices of your business model while appropriately reducing risk and protecting business interests. At its most basic level, some of the key issues to consider in software licensing agreements are whether the software license agreement grants the right to use the software as intended and does it restrict the software from being used in a way that is not intended. Other factors to consider are the duration of the software license, number of users authorized to use the software, and any limitations on its use. Additional terms in software license agreements may include update, maintenance, and support of the software, as well as provisions covering risk allocation, warranties, and other types of business transaction terms.

Information technology-related agreements that Maeder Law Office’s experienced IT attorney(s) handle, include:

  • SaaS and other types of cloud-based services agreements
  • Internet and Website Privacy Policies/Terms of Services
  • Software Development Agreements
  • Application Development Agreements
  • Website Development and Hosting
  • Cross-border Outsourcing
  • Template Forms for SaaS and software agreements
  • Managed Services
  • IT Professional Services
  • Software Licensing
  • Computer Hardware Leases and Maintenance
  • Reseller Agreements


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